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"Congratulations, You are Now AWS Certified!"

Hi Michal Pasierbski,

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the requirements for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification. This certification, and all associated benefits will be valid through Dec 02, 2022.

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When I (re)joined EF Education First 9 months ago I found myself in a company fully invested in AWS but with little expertise within development teams how to take advantage of it.

I noticed that teams are spending increasingly more time on infrastructure maintenance and on tasks that could have been automated.

I treated this as an opportunity to improve my skills, learn something new, and help my colleagues.


I didn't have much exposure to the cloud providers before - started my career before cloud was a thing and focused on frontend when it was, unfortunate timing.

The interwebs were pretty clear about recommendations at the time:

I went with Linux academy mainly because if their hands-on labs. It's a great feature if you want to get some practice in a real environment without risking getting into costs.

Linux Academy has a course preparing specifically to AWS Solutions Architect - associate certificate, which is perfect if you want to get a broad view of what AWS has to offer, as well as some details on most important parts (IAM, networking, S3, EC2 and "serverless"). Completing the course took me roughly 3 months of mostly evening studying.

After that, I was grinding AWS Certified Solutions Architect 2019 Practice Questions: Over 800+ Practice Questions with Explanation. 100% Unconditional Pass Guarantee to familiarize me with the format of questions, as those can be quite tricky at times with the phrasing (English is not my first language but I do consider myself as a quite fluent speaker).

The exam

I took my exam during AWS re:Invent 2019 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Everything went exactly as expected. We were asked to leave all the devices, assigned a seat and it was on. One hour later I was successfully finished (results are given immediately after submitting your sheet). I went straight to the AWS Certification Lounge to get my "certified" swag 😎.

Was it worth it?


Going through the "AWS Solutions Architect - associate" certificate gives a great overview of the whole platform. You may not necessarily know how to set up a corporate network, but you will definitely know what's possible and where to start.

Equipped with new skills I managed to help my team with infrastructure and DevOps tasks. I automated all repetitive tasks, implemented CI/CD pipelines, and moved most of the infrastructure to a serverless architecture. Then did the same for another team, and another, and soon after I found myself being a go-to person regarding AWS. All of this resulted in a promotion.

Four months later I interviewed with Amazon AWS for a Software Engineer (Backend, SDE2) position. I'm not sure if having a certificate helped, but the knowledge I gained helped tremendously during my systems design interview portion. I managed not only to provide an answer to the question but also to name AWS services that I could use.

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